Reputação, Relacionamento e Referência. A hora do Ventre!Robert Janssen – 03/01/2012

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Brazil at  a Crossroads Robert Janssen – 09/07/2010

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Brasil IT – The New Upcoming Global IT Power and its New Go-To-Market IdentityRobert Janssen – 08/12/2009

Brazil is finally really taking off – and some of its’ best cities too. – Robert Janssen – 07/12/2009

Brazil in the spotlight: “Brazil Takes Off” – Robert Janssen – 30/11/2009

Overview of the US Brazil BPO Summit in New York – Robert Janssen – 10/11/2009

The Real Challenge for the Brazilian IT Services companies to become global – Robert Janssen – 10/11/2009

Brazil IT’s next steps – Robert Janssen – 05/11/2009

The Buzz at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando – In the end is all about the same old – Robert Janssen – 01/11/2009

What happens after the “financial storm”? B2C+ I (Back to Core plus Innovation) – Robert Janssen – 05/10/2009

Looking at Brazil IT´s Exports – Alex Jacobs – 30/07/2009

The Whale Strategy” – Robert Janssen – 25/06/2009

What is the real difference in the end ? – Robert Janssen – 11/05/2009

Why a Brazilian Solution Provider is a good choice for a vendor in a time of economic crisis – Robert Janssen – 24/03/2009

Exportação de Software: O Futuro é agora, também para a pequena e a média empresas – Luciana Paiva – 14/04/2009

After “putting up” we really need to WALK the TALK now! – Robert Janssen – 02/03/2009

It is time to “put up” or “shut” up – Robert Janssen – 05/02/2009

Resumo Executivo do Estudo sobre o Mercado Norte Americano de “Outsourcing” – 2008 – Robert Janssen – 22/01/2009

Outsource Offshoring e a recessão mundial – Robert Janssen – 13/12/2008

Now it is time for Information Technology Vendor “thinking” to step up to the plate!– Robert Janssen 26/11/2008

Brazil as an outsourcing destination – Robert Janssen – 11/11/2008

Brazil: is not only a world class ball player in the football field but also on the information technology services and solutions providers’ space – Robert Janssen – 24/10/2008

Study claims that the Brazilian made software market grew about 20 % in 2007 – Robert Janssen – 11/11/2008

A Vista do Outsource World em New York – “Uma janela atualizada para uma nova geografia”23/10/2008 – Robert Janssen

Vice Presidente e Princpal Analista do Gartner diz que será necessário lutar sem medo e tomar as decisões difíceis – – 16/10/2008Robert Janssen

A chamada do Gartner para a realidade do impacto da crise financeira para os principais executivos de TI mundiaisRobert Janssen 14/10/2008

O Brasil está cada vez mais acesso no radar global de outsourcing – Robert Janssen – 13/10/2008

Comentário enviado para a coluna Conexão Global do Jornal O Globo – Robert Janssen -23/09/2008

A nossa competência – Robert Janssen – 20/09/2008

O Mundo é plano e vai achatar o nosso quintal! – Robert Janssen – 28/08/2008

O Desafio Do Olho no Olho Nos Outros Mercados – Robert Janssen – 20/08/2008

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