Brasil IT – The New Upcoming Global IT Power and its New Go-To-Market Identity

Brazil, in the last 5 years, has been diligently working very hard to promote and position the country as world class IT player, with compatible delivery models that are capable to attend to most demanding world organizations.

Under the name of Brasil IT, it has participated in several world renowned events, such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester family events; it has created many trade delegations to several countries around the world; it has produced in depth reports that gave a true and reliable snap shot of the country’s capabilities and differentiation and it has sat down with dozens of specialists and analysts to educate them on what is Brasil IT’s value proposition.

From just one more country in the general crowd, Brazil is strongly making its way to become at least part of a top 5 list. In every single point of contact, the representatives for Brasil IT made sure that they demonstrated its unique value proposition, based on a highly technically skilled workforce combined with deep business expertise, which together with its unique “cultural DNA”, made for the best alternative that could “hit the ground running” and provide a great opportunity and time to market payback.

In the last 3 years, this approach has been noticed in all major international events Brasil IT has participated, and in several occasions it was nominated as one of Top 3 Service Offerings, and in other occasions straight out won the Top Award.  Many analysts also took notice, and from being pretty much an unknown factor, now most of them make Brasil IT a sure bet.  Just visit the Reports section of this blog to see it for yourself.

But of all competitive advantages that the Brasil IT offering has, the one that stands out the most, and probably the hardest to communicate, is its people and what we mentioned above as the “cultural DNA”.  This probably only evident when there was a chance for a face to face communication, which is good, but it is a communication that only addresses the “on- to-few” and not the “one-to-many”.

So the challenge was to create an identity that could reach out to the many around the world, and convey that being such an ethnic diverse nation, means knowing how to deal with the cultural differences, and because of that, understand the most varied needs from clients. That would showcase the required flexibility in dealing with adversity and change management. That would harness the Brazilian cultural based on diversity and demonstrate how it translates in going beyond manuals and requirements to deliver creative solutions, provide customer value and go beyond expectations.

The answer finally came this last December 7, 2009, when all the country’s major industry associations and entities, together with government, and a special notation has  to be made to Apex, who spearheaded the initiative, launched the new corporate identity for Brasil IT. This will certainly give an added boost in all the promotional activities. It will allow clients and potential customers around the world, to envisage the added benefits it may represent to their organizations.   It will also allow them to differentiate from other countries programs that recently have tried to follow Brasil IT’s steps.

But above all, it finally brings together all the major trade organizations under one single umbrella, working together on common objectives. It brings on the power of the “many-to-many” and gives the country a real chance to finally becoming a Top Tier World Class Provider. Now it is with the Brazilians to make it happen. All the rest is working in the country’s favor.

One comment on “Brasil IT – The New Upcoming Global IT Power and its New Go-To-Market Identity
  1. Austre says:

    Dear Robert, very good article. Thank you.

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