Brazil: is not only a world class ball player in the football field but also on the information technology services and solutions providers’ space

Brazil has long been at the top of the football heaven charts. In every world report about where are located some of the best players and teams, Brazil is always somewhere on the top 5 list. While this is true, other skills do not get the same visibility.


Well, it is time to write about the other sides of the coin and I am positive that there are many people out there do not know about the Brazilian ingenuity in the information technology space and would like to hear about it. I say this after having spoken in several key technology events, especially in the outsourcing space, in the United States and Europe, and been able to witness the positive reaction by listeners about the wealth of information on Brazil and its value for their current business needs.


Just for an overview, Brazil is currently the 11th largest economy in the world and has a very diversified and advanced economic layout, having more than 30 strong and developed business sectors. In some sectors, the country is one of the top 5 world leaders, such as aircraft manufacturing, off shore drilling technology, agribusiness. In other areas, Brazil is the actual leader, such as the flex fuel car technology that has become a world wide benchmark, and has been used as a reference in President’s Clinton latest defense for Proposition 87 in California. (see the video at


In the technology sector, Brazil is 7th in the world in internet domains as well in total internet users, with over 4 million hosts and more than 55 million people connected to the internet, representing approximately 30 % of the population. It has one of the most advanced banking automation systems in the world and has technical skills that range from main frame to open source, where in both cases, hosts the second largest installed bases.


As a result, Brazil showcases some of the most outstanding cases, which could justify a claim of being one of the world references to information security and risk management:


  • The electronic voting with specially designed electronic ballots that which handle over 125 million people voting throughout 5,657 cities.
  • Personal Income tax internet filling: Total of 45 million online personal income tax returns, representing 97 % of the total.
  • Corporations income tax filing over the internet with smart cards and PKI: More than 450,000 companies
  • Brazilian Payment System: Real time money transfer with total security and reduction of risk for irreversible credits. 80% of 20 billion bank transactions are automated (ATM, telephone and web)


Today as a result of this highly sophisticated information technology environment, the Brazilian IT companies are able to offer high level of IT services in any part of the world.



Robert Janssen

Outsource Brazil   

4 comments on “Brazil: is not only a world class ball player in the football field but also on the information technology services and solutions providers’ space
  1. This is the first time I commented here and I must say you share genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Good job.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where have you got it from?

    • Hi,

      actually the template is part of the menu wordpress offers. I just personalized the header’s image.

      I am glad that you find the blog interesting. I hope I can keep it up.


  2. Thanks for the info i love Brazilian football and its nice to here brazil ingenuity in the information technology space.

  3. Nolan Kamaka says:

    Can I cancel the order within 30 days if I opt to not keep it?

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