Brazil IT’s Next Steps

Brazil IT is definitely a permanent light present in most organizations radar screen. This is what we have learned after participating, almost in back to back couple of weeks, in the Gartner Symposium ITxpo. In both, Orlando and Cannes, Brazil IT got a lot of attention from the CIO’s present, eager to understand further, what is the value proposition that the Brazilian companies offer and what are their key differentiators.

It seems that Brazil’s challenge is no longer to be recognized as an important IT service provider player, and yes, how it can raise to the occasion, where organizations are in greater need for better partnering model with the service providers.

During the total of 10 days of direct interaction, many companies, from United States and Europe, demonstrated that they are looking for a different kind of relationship, other than the straight forward client-service provider. They are actually seeking for a deeper intimacy, where they can rely on a relationship built around business performance and outcome engagement.

Many executives that visited with Brazil IT, wanted to understand further how Brazilian companies would be able to fill the role of being partner advisor, and by such, also build its compensation around a contractual commitment for measurable better business outcome. Bottom line, in the end companies are looking for vendors that can dive into their businesses and become such specialists, that they should end up knowing as much about the business as their clients.

Therefore, going forward, and as Brazil IT continues to try to strengthen its position in the main markets around the globe, it is not their technological savvy or cultural compatibility, that will be their competitive edge. It will be its willingness to invest in being close to the customer. It will be its commitment to design engagement models that tie their results to their clients’ success.



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