Now it is time for Information Technology Vendor “thinking” to step up to the plate!

obamito_battingNo one really knows where and when this financial “roller coaster” will end. The only truth being heard everywhere, is that these are definitely the crunchiest times of all in the past 50 years.  Everyone, independent of size or dynamism, will be challenged to take their businesses and processes to the next level. There is no other way about it. There is no other alternative than to pursue greater efficiencies in every corner and aspect of the respective value chains, to which the business belongs to. It’s either do more with less or else.

Because of that, the only real valuable choice companies have, is to crank up their information technology teams and partners, and have them step up to the plate. Now it is time for  the “home run hitting”. It is just like in the playoffs, if you don’t show up, you’re out. This is what exactly the IT vendors need to get across to their clients. They are the designated hitters with the biggest chance of hitting the ball out of the park.

This is the time for the IT vendors to re consider and understand the very nature of the close relationships they have with their customers, and re align their processes and business models to truly become a supporting stay for its clients. This means that vendors need to look first into their own guts and figure out that this is the time to adopt a new role and be more engaging.

This is time to truly embrace the mute deaf wars that are fought daily, to preserve the environment and improve overall life quality. This is a great chance to re align the business with a new sustainable reality that is building in the horizon and which is taking a greater dimension every day”. To become energy efficient and environmentally conscious is already an obligation. Now we need to add to that what is the social responsibility that every organization has with the value chain network it belongs to.

Information Technology always had the clear advantage to understand better than all other sectors, how important IT can be to support business strategy and objectives. This is the time to make it really show. It is time to set the example of how the new organizations of the future will be able to promote economic and social development while preserving the environment and working from a sustainable framework.

Information technology vendors need to be the first to introduce the new business models of the future that will engage and help mankind build the new millennium based on shared sustainable values.  To create a new attitude that is compliant to the knowledge that “there is no free lunch”.  To understand that as little as its part may seem, that it does definitely have an overall impact on the whole. This is the time for all to step up to the plate. And Information Technology organizations and executives , after years of understanding and promoting continuous business innovation and productivity gains, need to be the first ones to do so.

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