Partnertition: The Real Collaborative Spirit


I have often said in the presentations I give around the world, that before the internet, we could only be sure of 2 things throughout our lives: That we will die one day and we will always have to pay taxes. Now, after the coming of the internet and its pervasive penetration in everyone’s lives, both, personal and professional, we now can be sure of 4 things: Not only that will die one day and we still need to pay taxes throughout our lifetime, but now, we also will have to manage change on daily basis and we will never do anything by ourselves anymore. We now live in a collaborative world.

This is has been our main message at all the events we have participated around the world, be it in India, South Africa, Europe or United States. It is also the basis for the “PARTNERTITION” proposal we are seeking to establish with all the government and industry promotional institutions, involved in promoting business development among their member organizations, and this way bring closer companies that have the ability to collaborate for fostering further economic and business development of new geographies and markets.

In order to address properly the new challenges of globalization, and the growth of the global footprint by many companies in several industries, building a collaborative platform between countries and companies will be imperative. Some of these new challenges involve specific issues from cultural and local business practices to highly complex industry and supply change domain knowledge.

Up until now, much has been said with the view of transforming competition into “coopetition”. Although “coopetition” is good basis for fostering collaborative work, it still is not sufficient, as it evolves around only specific projects, and does not address how to really converge to a shared business vision and strategy and help develop a greater marketplace.

This is why we propose that all work on a new front of collaboration, where the exchanges do not only happen around single projects, but also with shared visions of new business development opportunities and business returns. We need to work from the ground up, starting from the core and constructing a new model that seeks to offer a new business relationship model to client organizations around the different geographies around the globe. We call this model “PARTNERTITION”.

“PARTNERTITION” means that we will collectively look at the future potential opportunities and build a common shared framework, in which we are able not only to address the needs of clients, but furthermore, actually anticipate market trends and that will impact client’s business outcome.

“PARTNERTITION” helps companies identify common business values and create a vested commitment toward common goals, which are centered on client’s organizations business growth and shareholder value objectives, that combined, help build a greater ecosystem and increase the size of market opportunities.

“PARTNERTITION” means that we are all not just wearing the same corporate polo shirt, and not only establishing point-to-point agreements focused in specific projects.  “PARTNERTITION”, in the end, means that we are sharing the same skin, working under the same assumptions and driving towards the same overall market growth goals.

“PARTNERTITION” means working together to develop a greater and better marketplace, where all will end up with a greater share than we had to begin with.

“PARTNERTITION” is not only one that believes, it is all of us believing.

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