Study claims that the Brazilian made software market grew about 20 % again in 2007

The National Association for Brazilian Software companies (ABES) released the 2007 market study outsourced to IDC, providing an overview of the current market. The study interviewed 550 companies between software developers, suppliers and exporters.


The study’s objective was to showcase a market overview since it has been appointed by the federal government as one of the strategic sectors within its industrial policy program

According to the study, the Brazilian software and services market ranks 13th worldwide and in 2007 had total receipts of US$ 9.09 billion, a 22.6% increase over 2006.

US$ 3.26 billion represents software receipts, which represents 1,3% of the world market and 43% of the Latin American market. The remaining US$ 5.83 billion are related to services. The study forecasts a 12 % annual market increase until 2010.

Presently, this sector is formed by approximately 8000 companies, of which 78 % are dedicated to the development, production and distribution of software and 22 % to software services. 94 % of the companies are formed by small enterprises.

In the last year, the IT world market invoiced a total of US$ 1.17 trillion, of which 38.8% came from hardware; 20.9% from software and 40,3% from services.

In regards to software and related services exports, the study shows that there were US$ 52 million in software licenses, a 48.5% increase over 2006. In regards to services, the sector invoiced a total of US$ 195 million, a 37.3% increase from the previous year.


The study also identified a few trends for the short to medium term, where it shows a strong consolidation for SOA – “Service Oriented Architecture” (SOA) in the country, great growth for projects related to VoIP and data and voice convergence, open source software to manage infra-structure platforms and new business models adopting software as a subscription service.

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