Internationalization Workshop

This workshop is aimed at companies and clusters or consortiums of companies that are seeking to understand what is necessary to be competitive in the international market. It gives an initial snap shot of the current readiness of the companies, followed with a tailor made consultive workshop, that will  work on building the required strengths to be competitive and it finalizes with a consultive approach which includes a diagnosis and a set of recommendations  the organization should follow in order to improve its international competitiveness.

Click here to download a synopsis: Internationalization Consulting & Worskshop (summary in Portuguese)

Current Clients:

  • Brasil IT + Grupo de Outsourcing
  • Brasil IT + Grupo de Mobile Applications
  • Curitiba Offshore Center
  • ACATE de Florianópolis
  • Algar Tecnologia de Uberlândia
  • APL de Maringá
  • APL de Curitiba
  • CITS de Curitiba
  • Fumsoft de Belo Horizonte
  • Tecsoft de Brasilia
  • TecVitória de Vitória
  • Softex Recife
  • Comtec de Goiânia

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